Objective – Activities

Established in 1936, the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping is a legal entity incorporated under Public Law (governmental organisation) based in Piraeus.The Chamber is the official Advisor to the government on all shipping matters. It carries out its work in close co-operation with, and under the supervision of, the Ministry of Merchant Marine. Members are all vessels under the Greek flag represented by the following shipowning unions:

1. Union of Greek Shipowners
2. Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association
3. Greek Shipowners Association for Passenger Ships
4. Union of Coastal Shipowners
5. Panhellenic Association of Tug Boats & Salvage Vessels (St. Nicolas)
6. Shipowners Association of Tug Boats and Salvage Vessels
7. Panellenic Union of Shipowners of Coastal Cargo Vessels
8. Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association

The Chamber is governed by a 32-seat Council.The Council is assisted by the seven-member Executive Committee.The Council members are elected for a four-year term. Elections are held biennially to renew half the composition of the Council (members who have completed four years of service).The Council meets regularly every two months, while, the Executive Committee every week. The major functions of the Chamber include:

– Offering opinion on draft legislation proposed by the Ministry of Merchant Marine or other government departments.
– Carrying out research and studies on shipping related matters.
– Following developments in international maritime legislation.
– Offering expert advice on specialised shipping issues.
– Proposing measures for the protection and welfare of seafarers.
– Attending meetings of international shipping organisations.
– Monitoring all legal and technical developments in the shipping field.
– Conducting arbitration on maritime disputes

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